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Certified Nurse Aide (CNA) (VARIES)
The Certified Nurse Aide (CNA) Career Pathway Certificate program is the first step toward a career helping others in healthcare settings. You will receive instruction that qualifies you for entry-level employment as a CNA and fulfills the prerequisite for admission into Northeast Iowa Community College’s nursing programs. www.nicc.edu/cna
Award: Career Pathway Certificate
Estimated Salary Range:  $19,930 – $23,370

Dental Assisting (P)
This program prepares graduates to support dentists in all phases of dentistry including chairside procedures associated with general and specialty dentistry, radiology, laboratory and business office assistance. www.nicc.edu/dentalassisting
Award: Diploma
Estimated Salary Range: $28,028 – $37,712

Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) (VARIES)
This Career Pathway Certificate program offers classroom, hands-on lab, off-site clinical and field experiences to train you in emergency medical services skills, patient rights and communication. www.nicc.edu/healthsciences
Award: Career Pathway Certificate
Estimated Salary Range:  $20,369 – $29,427

Health Information Technology (HIT) (C, P, O)
Learn to maintain health information and develop your skills in medical coding and reimbursement processes to qualify for in-demand careers working for hospitals, healthcare providers,
law firms, insurance companies and software companies. www.nicc.edu/hit
Award: Associate of Applied Science
Estimated Salary Range: $30,408 – $42,157

Health Support Professional (D)
Receive an introduction to the key skills you need to be a direct care worker in healthcare by completing core classes, personal activities of daily living, and health monitoring and maintenance courses. Direct care workers are also referred to as direct support professionals, supported community living workers, home health aides, universal workers and apartment instructors.
Award: Career Pathway Certificate
Estimated Salary Range: $19,951 – $25,252

Medical Assistant (C, P)
Receive comprehensive training in administrative and clinical functions that support physicians and healthcare professionals in a medical office setting. www.nicc.edu/medicalassistant
Award: Diploma
Estimated Salary Range: $24,418 – $34,331

Medical Laboratory Technician (C, P)
This program prepares you to perform tests to aid in the diagnosis and treatment of disease, and work with professional pathologists or physicians. Offered in cooperation with Hawkeye Community College. www.nicc.edu/medicallabtech
Award: Associate of Applied Science
Estimated Salary Range: $30,303 – $40,843

Nursing – Associate (C, P)
Learn to assess, plan, implement and evaluate the healthcare needs of patients and clients. The comprehensive program, which is among the most competitive in the State of Iowa, includes specific nursing courses and core course requirements in the areas of communication, science, math, social science and life skills. www.nicc.edu/nursing
Award: Associate of Applied Science
Estimated Salary Range: $42,679 – $57,100

Nursing – Practical (C, P)
Prepare for a nursing career in hospitals, nursing homes and a variety of healthcare facilities. Following successful completion of the program and the passage of the nursing board exam, you may apply your credits to enter the Nursing AAS program to become a Registered Nurse (RN).
Award: Diploma
Estimated Salary Range: $33,204-$41,990

Paramedic (P)
Trained paramedics are needed to recognize, assess and manage medical emergencies of acutely ill or injured patients in pre-hospital and emergency care settings, and you will receive training and education to work in this critical, high-demand medical care field. www.nicc.edu/paramedic
Award: Associate of Applied Science, Diploma
Estimated Salary Range: $20,369 – $29,427

Phlebotomy Technician (VARIES)
As a student in this program, you will learn to collect, transport and process blood and other specimens for laboratory analysis. Classroom instruction covers infection control and safety principles. www.nicc.edu/phlebotomytech
Award: Career Pathway Certificate
Estimated Salary Range: $24,762 – $33,789

Radiologic Technology (P)
Trained specialists in radiography are in high demand in many sectors of healthcare, including hospitals, clinics and physicians’ offices, and you will learn radiographic care and procedures, image evaluation, special procedures and pharmacology. www.nicc.edu/radtech
Award: Associate of Applied Science
Estimated Salary Range: $44,286 – $58,916

Respiratory Care (P)
By working closely with physicians and healthcare professionals, respiratory care practitioners provide care for patients with acute respiratory ailments, such as asthma, and chronic respiratory conditions, such as emphysema. www.nicc.edu/respiratorycare
Award: Associate of Applied Science
Estimated Salary Range: $42,997 – $58,833

Surgical Technology (P)
Complete general education requirements and study basic anatomy and physiology, microbiology and medical terminology prior to transferring to Kirkwood Community College to complete a diploma or Associate of Applied Science degree. www.nicc.edu/surgicaltech
Award: Associate of Applied Science, Diploma
Estimated Salary Range: $34,644 – $45,392

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