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Accounting Clerk (O)
Successful businesses of every type, size and function depend upon accounting professionals to keep accurate records of transactions, including accounts payable/receivable, ongoing capital investment expenditures, and profit and loss. Graduates are qualified for employment as a bookkeeper, clerk, cost accounting clerk or payroll clerk. www.nicc.edu/accountingclerk
Award: Diploma
Estimated Salary Range: $24,922 – $36,540

Accounting Specialist (C, P)
Instructional exercises and simulated practical experiences are incorporated into your learning to enhance your accounting skills, knowledge of business processes, critical thinking and problem-solving abilities. You receive training on the most relevant accounting applications software used in this field. A Co-op Experience III course in the final term applies classroom study and theory to accounting practices in a real-world business environment. www.nicc.edu/accountingspec
Award: Associate of Applied Science
Estimated Salary Range: $38,355 – $57,322

Administrative Office Associate (C, P)

Coursework in this program teaches you office and business procedures, effective professional communication, business writing, database management and computer software applications frequently utilized in business environments. www.nicc.edu/adminassociate
Award: Diploma
Estimated Salary Range: $26,338-$37,681

Administrative Office Management (C, P, D)
In this program, you learn the many facets of successful office management in office procedures, effective professional communication in business environments, accounting, leadership and customer service. www.nicc.edu/adminofficemgmt
Award: Associate of Applied Science
Estimated Salary Range: $26,338 – $37,681

Agriculture Finance (C)
Develop your knowledge and skills in farm business management, agriculture selling and finance, ag markets and risk management. An agriculture finance internship component enhances your educational preparedness and career marketability. www.nicc.edu/financeag
Award: Associate of Applied Science
Estimated Salary Range: $42,157 – $66,088

Applied Management (C, P, O)
After completing a diploma or two-year degree in any career and technical program, you may qualify for advancement in the field by learning more about management and supervision
in this program. www.nicc.edu/appliedmanagement
Award: Associate of Applied Science
Estimated Salary Range:  $42,738 – $70,683

Business Specialist (C, P, O, D)

Complete courses in business theory and practice, sales, computer software applications utilized in business environments, marketing and customer service. Second-year coursework includes financial accounting, business ethics and law, economics and management. www.nicc.edu/businessspecialist
Award: Associate of Applied Science
Estimated Salary Range: $42,397 – $69,499

Culinary Foundations (D)
Prepare for a rewarding career in the culinary field, even if you have little or no culinary experience. Upon earning this certificate, you will be ready for entry-level positions as cooks or servers in a variety of hospitality settings. www.nicc.edu/culinaryfoundations
Award: Career Pathway Certificate
Estimated Salary Range: $18,875 – $24,972

Finance (C, P)
Courses in this program teach you financial management, time value of money, accounting, banking, personal finance, commercial lending and economics to prepare you for numerous employment opportunities or for transfer to a four-year college or university after graduation. A finance internship also provides you with an opportunity to apply classroom learning to a real-world finance environment. www.nicc.edu/finance
Award: Associate of Applied Science
Estimated Salary Range: $41,427 – $66,587

Graphic Design (P)
In this comprehensive program, students gain the skills necessary to compete for professional design positions, and are well-positioned to transfer to a four-year program to earn a degree in design, marketing, communications or journalism. Study includes intro to advanced coursework in graphic layout, design principles and practices, and in-depth utilization of design software.
Award: Associate of Applied Science
Estimated Salary Range: $25,054 – $39,152

Legal Assistant (P, D)
Prepare to perform research, drafting, investigatory, record-keeping and related administrative functions under the supervision of an attorney or court. Includes instruction in legal research, drafting legal documents, appraising, pleading, courthouse procedures and legal specializations. www.nicc.edu/legalassistant
Award: Associate of Applied Science
Estimated Salary Range: $27,329 – $38,140

Marketing Management (P)
Marketing managers must have strong interpersonal, organizational communication and soft skills, such as customer service, to succeed in the workplace. This program develops your knowledge of business, sales, marketing, advertising, accounting, customer service and business ethics. www.nicc.edu/mktmanagement
Award: Associate of Applied Science
Estimated Salary Range: $25,971 – $39,474

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