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Agriculture Business (C, O)
Develop the technical agricultural skills needed for a career in agribusiness through classroom theory and hands-on training. Two internship opportunities enhance your marketability as an agribusiness professional. Certificates provide you with opportunities to specialize in one or more areas, including; ag finance, ag office technician, agronomy custom application, crop advisor and precision agriculture. www.nicc.edu/agbusiness
Award: Associate of Applied Science, Certificate
Estimated Salary Range: $34,127 – $52,634

Agriculture Production (C)
Through classroom and hands-on learning experiences, you will focus on a particular area of specialty, including grain and forage crops, and agriculture risk management. Two internship opportunities enhance your marketability.  www.nicc.edu/agproduction
Award: Associate of Applied Science
Estimated Salary Range: $45,434 – $63,090

Applied Agriculture Studies (C)
This diploma program prepares you for an entry-level agriculture career. Coursework includes agronomy, animal industry, applied animal disease prevention and treatment, and two career-focused internship opportunities.  www.nicc.edu/appliedagstudies
Award: Diploma
Estimated Salary Range: $45,434 – $63,090

Beef Science Technology (C)
This program includes an internship opportunity, hands-on lab experiences with an on-site beef herd, and teaches beef cattle science, applied financial management, beef production management and applied reproductive technologies that maximize cattle herd size, quality and health. www.nicc.edu/beefscience
Award: Associate of Applied Science
Estimated Salary Range: $30,888 – $45,841

Dairy Science Technology (C)
This two-year AAS program develops skills in and knowledge of innovations and advanced technologies that impact successful dairy operations. www.nicc.edu/dairysciencetech
Award: Associate of Applied Science, Certificate
Estimated Salary Range: $45,434 – $63,090

Finance: Agriculture Business (C)
In the next five to 10 years, a large number of agriculture finance officers will be retiring. This program has been developed at the request of the banking industry to meet the upcoming needs of this high-demand area. Students will receive background knowledge in agriculture and the business skills needed for a bank or finance officer.
Award: Associate of Applied Science
Estimated Salary Range: $42,157 – $66,088

Large Animal Veterinary Technician (C)
This program focuses on large animal and veterinary technician medicine. The program’s labs utilize many off site farming facilities and an on-site dairy herd to provide hands-on education with dairy, beef, horses, swine, goats and sheep. Lab work with an on-site 300-head herd provides a unique and valuable hands-on experience.  www.nicc.edu/vettech
Award: Associate of Applied Science
Estimated Salary Range: $26,380 – $40,926

Swine Production (C)
Students develop the fundamental skills required to manage a farrow-to-finish swine operation as they learn about animal health, nutrition, husbandry, genetics, pork quality assurance standards, record-keeping and bioscience. Graduates may transfer their credits to enter the Agriculture Production degree program. www.nicc.edu/swineproduction
Award: Certificate, Career Pathway Certificate
Estimated Salary Range: $26,039 – $40,091

Veterinary Assistant (C)
Students receive a background in livestock production, companion animal care, anatomy, veterinary terminology, clinic reception and administration operations. After earning the certificate, graduates are qualified for in-demand veterinary assistant positions and may choose to continue their education in the Large Animal Veterinary Technician degree program. www.nicc.edu/vetassistant
Award: Certificate
Estimated Salary Range: $21,825 – $31,707

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