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Certified Production Technician (CPT) (O)
This program teaches the high performance responsibilities required in production operations, including shop floor and day-to-day work, reading blueprints for the purpose of parts and machine assembly and set up of robotics or automated equipment. www.nicc.edu/advancedmanufacturing
Award: Career Pathway Certificate
Estimated Salary Range: $37,837 – $57,163

Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Machinist Technician (P)
Skilled CNC machinists are in demand by industries and advanced manufacturers throughout northeast Iowa. Learn tooling equipment skills, how to design and build custom fixtures, and how to manufacture completed parts. www.nicc.edu/cnc
Award: Diploma
Estimated Salary Range: $27,698 – $38,189

Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Operator (VARIES)
Develop your skills with Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machines to ensure quality, tolerance of parts, and troubleshooting and adjustment. www.nicc.edu/advancedmanufacturing
Award: Diploma
Estimated Salary Range: $28,870 – $39,988

Electromechanical Technician (VARIES)

Learn to troubleshoot, install and maintain automated equipment, and support industrial maintenance technicians in industrial environments and manufacturing facilities. www.nicc.edu/advancedmanufacturing
Award: Career Pathway Certificate
Estimated Salary Range: $34,824 – $49,535

Engineering Technology (P)

The increasing productivity of northeast Iowa’s manufacturing operations is creating high demand for mechanical engineering technology professionals. These personnel work alongside engineers to develop designs and prototypes of parts and quality control testing of components to support manufacturing.
Award: Associate of Applied Science
Estimated Salary Range: $33,917 – $54,387

Industrial Maintenance Technician (P)

The demand for skilled and knowledgeable industrial maintenance technicians in northeast Iowa is high. Industrial manufacturing, processing and building facilities rely on these trained professionals to effectively manage the automation in these workplace environments.  www.nicc.edu/industrialmaintenance
Award: Associate of Applied Science, Diploma
Estimated Salary Range: $32,453 – $43,556

Industrial Sewing (D)
This career pathway certificate program teaches you entry-level industrial sewing skills for manufacturing environments. When you successfully complete this certificate program, you will possess the basic sewing skills needed to secure employment with industry-leading companies. www.nicc.edu/advancedmanufacturing
Award: Career Pathway Certificate
Estimated Salary Range: $26,094 – $29,369

Welding (P)

There is high employment demand for skilled, trained and knowledgeable welders in industrial and manufacturing operations in northeast Iowa, and as a student in this competitive diploma program, you receive comprehensive instruction that prepares you for employment and advancement. www.nicc.edu/welding
Award: Diploma
Estimated Salary Range: $27,674 – $37,576

Welding (Basic) (Cresco Center)

The Welding (Basic) career pathway certificate introduces basic concepts of wire feed, stick and TIG welding as needed by welders in an industrial setting.
Award: Career Pathway Certificate
Estimated Salary Range: $27,674 – $37,576

Welding (GMAW) (VARIES)
As a student in this career pathway certificate program, you receive an introduction to wire feed Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW) of structural steel. www.nicc.edu/advancedmanufacturing
Award: Career Pathway Certificate
Estimated Salary Range: $27,674 – $37,576

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