Building your community’s future simply would not be possible without the strong partnerships established between Northeast Iowa Community College (NICC) and organizations in northeast Iowa.

At NICC, we believe that investment in education should be lifelong, and the educational journey is a continuum. Summer camps develop the skills and creativity of K-8 grade students. The Project Lead the Way (PLTW) program offers an opportunity for high school students to explore careers in engineering and to work in teams – a truly student-driven classroom. NICC works with school districts to narrow the college-level readiness gap to prepare students for academic expectations after high school.

The College provides individualized, personal advising attention for all students who walk through our doors; our curriculum and program options, such as our new Z-Degree (see page 10), are designed with students’ needs in mind, not what is merely convenient for the College.

Northeast Iowa Community College also addresses the skilled workforce needs of northeast Iowa. Because the unemployment rate in Iowa is low, approximately three percent, businesses are competing for skilled workers. The Work-Based Learning model and our Career Learning Link partnership programs are helping to match high school students to their future careers more effectively. Work-Based Learning helps students connect what they learn in the classroom to the real world. Examples include job shadowing, field trips, internships and apprenticeships.

“This past February, the Iowa Association of Business (ABI) and Industry and the 15 Iowa community colleges signed the Work-based Opportunity Regional Referral Consortium Agreement to increase the number of Work-Based Learning initiatives between ABI member companies and their local community colleges,” stated Liang Chee Wee, Ph.D., NICC president.

To achieve successful outcomes, especially with limited resources, we understand that partnerships will make it possible. Together, we will help build a better future for our students, their families and our communities.