As a taxpayer in northeast Iowa, you receive more in return for your support of Northeast Iowa Community College than you have invested. We call this a high return on investment, and a 2017 study by the Iowa Department of Education of community colleges supports this claim.

The study concluded that, statewide, the benefit for support of community colleges and their graduates over the course of their careers – the sum of the social savings and the added income in the state – is $1.4 billion. The study examined the higher earnings of graduates, their reduced need for public-supported state aid and services, and their employment security. As the community college representing Area 1, Northeast Iowa Community College impacts our region by increasing graduates’ earning potential, providing opportunities for ongoing continuing education and training, and meeting the skilled employee needs of local companies. 

It is very likely that you encounter an NICC graduate every day in your community. Our graduates are the trained professionals you rely on; nurses, office workers, paramedics, mechanics, carpenters, accountants and many more. The College is dedicated to securing the vitality of our northeast Iowa workforce by continuing to train and educate the workforce of tomorrow, NICC is working to meet the state’s goal of Future Ready Iowa: that 70 percent of Iowa’s workforce will have completed education and training beyond high school by 2025.

Northeast Iowa Community College has committed to supporting families and lifting communities through education and training for more than 50 years. Ninety-seven percent of the College’s graduates are employed or continuing their education within one year.

Students receive a high return on their investment as well. From 2011 – 2015, Northeast Iowa Community College graduates who entered the workforce saw an increase of $11,000 in median wages over their first five years of employment. Because these graduates earned a certificate, diploma or degree from the College, they saw their salary increase 40 percent!

At Northeast Iowa Community College, we believe our best work lifts one student, one family and one community at a time. Graduates who secure well-paying, rewarding employment in turn sustain their families. Business partners who want to expand are working with the College to train new employees to support their expansion. The success of graduates and businesses, working together, brings prosperity to local communities and the economy.