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Financial Support for Students … in any Economy

Creating scholarships for students at Northeast Iowa Community College helps to secure their futures as college graduates and successful professionals. In Iowa, there really never has been a true “golden age” of state funding to support two-year

Student Crisis Fund Impacts Lives

The Future Ready Iowa initiative acknowledges that in 2018, seven out of 10 jobs in the state will require less than a bachelor’s degree. This is a major reason Northeast Iowa Community College (NICC) emphasizes to students

We’re in this Together: Scholarship Donors and Recipients

Many scholarship donors to Northeast Iowa Community College (NICC) arrive at their decision to make a lasting contribution because they realize that their support will have a powerful impact on students, the success of their families and

Invest in Your Education – Without the Debt

College students should have the opportunity to invest in their education without being burdened by a mountain of debt after graduation. Northeast Iowa Community College (NICC) understands the financial obstacles of earning an education and offers an

Paying it Forward: The Good in Giving Back

It just feels good to give! Whether your donation is financial, a contribution of time, or volunteer work for a worthy cause, giving to others is its own reward. Giving to Northeast Iowa Community College (NICC) inspires

John and Mabel Heinen Endowment Fund Creating Opportunities to Benefit Others

John and Mabel Heinen’s busy lives and the demands of work may not have afforded them the opportunity to attend college and earn a degree. Knowing that others would benefit from these opportunities, the couple included a

Building Materials Management Scholarships

Successful communities in these tough economic times are embracing public-private sector partnerships to realize their mutual goals and fuel economic growth and prosperity. Northeast Iowa Community College (NICC) students stand to gain in many ways from this