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Homegrown Talent

A deep commitment to serve the needs of each student and community in its 5,000-sq-mile district informs Northeast Iowa Community College’s mission. Workforce-relevant education and training, and initiatives customized to every student, cultivate our region’s homegrown talent. These

Two Years is as Valuable as Four

Four-year colleges and universities draw tens of thousands of applicants each year from across the country. However, what these schools can rarely promise is an individualized learning experience for each student, an important factor for new undergraduates.

Respiratory Therapists and Medical Assistants: Front Lines of Healthcare

Careers Start with a Plan!

Northeast Iowa Community College established career pathways for many occupational fields, including advanced manufacturing, agriculture, construction technology and healthcare. Career pathways offer tremendous benefits for high school students. Students may earn a Career Pathway Certificate and/or accumulate

The First Choice

Thousands of high school students enroll in tens of thousands of Northeast Iowa Community College credits each year; to say that these career-minded students are “just saving a few bucks” would be an understatement. Enrollment agreements established

Spark your Imagination: The Engineering Technology Program

Engineering technology careers offer the great pay, interesting workdays and opportunities for advancement every job wants. The best candidates for these positions are the imaginative problem-solving types: the students and graduates that take an idea, create it

Build and Retain Your Talent

Build a better team, develop homegrown talent and deepen the critical thinking and technical skills of your employees. Employee Engagement: The number one cause of lost productivity and opportunity at most organizations is lack of employee engagement.

Future Ready. Homegrown Talent!

Make the Right Choice

Be in Demand. Train for a Career in Healthcare!

Designed for Your Life: Evening and Online

Future Ready: Northeast Iowa Community College! 

Collaboration and teamwork, not statewide procrastination, will achieve the Future Ready Iowa objectives by 2025. Outlined and championed by Governor Kim Reynolds and former Governor Terry Branstad, the goal of Future Ready Iowa is for 70 percent