Lead, Compete and Give Back

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You completed your admissions app to Northeast Iowa Community College. Submitted financial aid and scholarships paperwork and found it easier than you expected. After you met with your academic advisor, you might be thinking, “My classes are starting soon. I guess I’m done!”

Fortunately, it’s only the beginning! There is more to college life than making new friends, testing hypotheses in labs and studying in the library. Students at the College get involved in many events, programs and competitions during the year and still have enough time to get an “A” in class.

Lead the Pack

Every January in Des Moines, student leaders at the College participate in the Student Legislative Summit. The summit offers students an opportunity to develop their leadership skills, learn more about the legislative process and meet their peers from the state’s 15 community colleges. Students gain insights into networking, how to represent and communicate with constituents, and effective strategies to reach agreement through dialogue, even during contentious times.

“To lead others and really understand people, you have to listen. Leaders listen. Developing these leadership skills at Northeast Iowa Community College will make you stand out for managerial positons when you’re in a job search,” Donovan Wright, an Associate of Arts student, explained. Wright serves as a member of iMPACT, the student leadership group at NICC, and is participating in a new leadership certificate program at the College.


The Emerging Leaders certificate is free and open to students enrolled in any program. Four leadership sessions offered during the course of a semester help students to develop their interpersonal, communication and networking skills.

Fellow student and iMPACT member Katie Scheffler is also participating in the Emerging Leadership certificate.

“This Emerging Leaders program brings you out of your comfort zone as a student. You learn to meet new people, develop your confidence, get involved on campus and take on leadership positions at the College. Plus, it looks great on a resume!” Scheffler said.

Test Your Skills

Dairy Science Technology students compete in the Post-Secondary Dairy Judging Contest at the World Dairy Expo in Madison, Wis., each October. In 2016, the students placed first nationally at the Expo and earned a berth to the Royal Highland Show in Scotland in 2017 to complete against dairy students internationally.

Agriculture students also compete in the Dairy Specialist, Beef Specialist and College Bowl competitions during the Post-secondary Agriculture Students Conference each spring. Last year, John Deere TECH student teams representing the College competed in the Agricultural Machinery Service Technician Contest, placing 1st, 2nd and 6th in the U.S.

NICC offers intramural sports throughout the academic year, but if you want to compete against more than a dozen teams across Iowa, the Sports Shooting team is a great opportunity. Whether you are an experienced hunter, outdoorsman or have never shot before, you’re welcome to compete in the Iowa Collegiate Sports Shooting Conference. Enjoy the thrill of competition in one of the state’s fastest growing sports.

Pay it Forward

The Spring Break Service trip provides students the unique experience of traveling to a major U.S. city to help others in need. NICC students have traveled to Chicago, Denver, San Francisco, Nashville, Washington, D.C., Boston and Houston. Students have served in homeless shelters, after-school programs, food distribution centers and community gardens.

This March, students are returning to Denver to volunteer their time, leadership and energy for a variety of different
service opportunities.

Have the experience of a lifetime. Visit www.nicc.edu/studentlife!

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