Homegrown Talent

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A deep commitment to serve the needs of each student and community in its 5,000-sq-mile district informs Northeast Iowa Community College’s mission. Workforce-relevant education and training, and initiatives customized to every student, cultivate our region’s homegrown talent.

These initiatives help to ensure a bright future for our communities, demonstrate good stewardship of public resources and allow the College to “walk with” students at each step of their education, training and career.


The Success Model

From the first day they step through our doors, students have a seamless experience as they navigate the enrollment, registration, advising and financial aid process. This personalized experience, more integrated than that of large colleges and universities, supports each student’s academic path and is just the start of our Success Model.

The Success Model is a holistic approach that focuses on individualized student needs and coaching; from recruitment and enrollment, education and training, job placement and continued education. Students in the Success Model are assigned a coach to help them navigate barriers, access academic resources and connect with referrals for appropriate services to help increase the likelihood of success.

Earn and Learn

The College offers 17 Career Pathway Certificates (CPC) for entry-level, middle-skill positions in many industries, including advanced manufacturing, healthcare, construction technology and transportation. Students enrolled in these programs earn their credential in four months or less and graduate with competitive work skills.

The career pathway programs are developed in partnership with local employers who interview students during their training as potential employees. In many cases, students are able to secure part-time employment with a company as a part of an “Earn and Learn” model. Employers are able to review each graduate’s skills on standardized competency tests and meet their skilled employee needs.


Future Ready Iowa

Northeast Iowa Community College is meeting the far-reaching goals set by the state’s Future Ready Iowa initiative. The goal of this initiative is that 70 percent of all Iowans will have earned a two- or four-year college degree, industry recognized certificate or other credential that meets employer need by 2025. As our region moves into the future, the College stays ahead of the curve by training the professionals northeast Iowa needs to advance our state’s workforce goals.

Serving all Communities, Urban and Rural

The College serves you – the student, family, business owner and community of northeast Iowa, both urban and rural. For more than 50 years, NICC has committed to supporting families and lifting communities through education and training. In fact, 97 percent of all graduates are employed or continuing their education one year
after graduation.

From 2011-2015, NICC graduates who entered the workforce saw an increase of $11,000 in median wages over their first five years of employment. Because these graduates earned a certificate, diploma or degree from the College, their salary increased 40 percent!

The College is responsive to workforce and employer needs, reaches out to local communities and accepts all students. Your continuing support allows Northeast Iowa Community College to serve every student that walks through our doors.

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