Homegrown Talent: Why We Choose NICC

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“Northeast Iowa Community College is filled with people of similar interests. I found such satisfaction through the great student/teacher relationship. Faculty really push you to be successful. The College offers a quality education in just two years; I felt I learned just as much at NICC as I would have at a four-year college.”

Amanda (Hendrickson) Gillespie
Farm Manager, Roadside Dairy
Dairy Science Technology Graduate


“As a member of the Delaware County Business Community Board, the networking we do with Northeast Iowa Community College is instrumental in offering insight into the experiences of other businesses. Lessons learned, innovative ideas and knowledge are all shared with the goal to take us all to the next level of operation through an exceptional workforce.” 

Joan Funke
Human Resources Director, Regional Medical Center


“The Career Services office at the College is a tremendous resource. You can do career exploration testing, and the staff is all ears to your plans and what you want to do. They’re such good listeners: to any concerns I had, any difficulties and to get my brain thinking about my career future, even in career fields that I didn’t expect.”

Mandy Even
Cosmetology Student


“Training through Northeast Iowa Community College is vital to stay current in the machinist field. People can earn a degree, find a good job and then go back to the College during their careers to build their skills. The key is to know enough to be employed in a skilled profession and grow with your company.”

Keith Hilby
CNC Operator Graduate

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