Financial Support for Students … in any Economy

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Creating scholarships for students at Northeast Iowa Community College helps to secure their futures as
college graduates and successful professionals.

In Iowa, there really never has been a true “golden age” of state funding to support two-year colleges. In fact, an atmosphere of budget uncertainty each spring is a perennial forecast for community colleges, as schools look to create their budgets for the next academic year.

This makes creating scholarship opportunities for students critical, and every dollar of support makes a difference, no matter the amount.

In 2017 an alumna and retired faculty member, Nancy Gourley, made an investment through the NICC Foundation that will provide financial support for future generations of students enrolled in any program.

Gourley understands the financial obstacles many students face. She enrolled at the College as a 43 year-old adult learner and the mother of six children.

“I decided to create a scholarship for Northeast Iowa Community College students through my Individual Retirement Account (IRA) as a planned gift. Students everywhere have accumulated so much debt; I want to give future students the same opportunities I had to attend the College,” Gourley expressed.

There is great need. Last year, 70 percent of all eligible students at the College – 1,983 of 2,849 – received some federal, state, local aid and scholarship support. Ninety-one percent of PELL-eligible students received a PELL grant. The NICC Foundation, through the generous support of donors, disbursed $170,210 in scholarships in 2017, and 219 students received external scholarships in the amount of $358,678.

Although state funding to community colleges remains uncertain each year, your support allows the College to offer scholarship opportunities to students in any economy. Your support makes our students’ dreams of a college degree and successful career a reality.

Visit to learn how you can support student scholarships.

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