Build and Retain Your Talent

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Build a better team, develop homegrown talent and deepen the critical thinking and technical skills of your employees.

Employee Engagement:

The number one cause of lost productivity and opportunity at most organizations is lack of employee engagement. Discover the reasons most employees feel lost in their job and help them analyze their own passions and talents. Build a culture of trust.

These are just a few of the ways Northeast Iowa Community College Business and Community Solutions will impact your organization. By working directly with you, we develop and deliver trainings that will maximize talent to meet your goals and impact your bottom line. Last year more than 20,570 employees in northeast Iowa developed skills to move their organization forward and advance in their careers.


Employee professional development has a tremendous impact on the financial success of an organization. Companies that invest in training see improved employee efficiency, productivity, morale and retention. Trainings can be delivered at your workplace, off-site or at one of the College’s campuses or service locations. The training is customized to your company’s needs and could include, but is not limited to:

  • Effective Communication: Explore methods in which employees relate to co-workers by identifying personal communication styles and using effective verbal and non-verbal communication in difficult conversations.
  • Generational Differences: Learn the various contributions of generations at work today and identify strategies to engage and retain employees of all ages.
  • Succession Planning: How do you plan to replace managerial and key leadership positions? Understand the purpose and key components of a successful succession plan.
  • Change Management: Understand the basic psychology behind what enables or deters people from embracing change, and explore your team’s behaviors, strengths and needs in a changing environment.
  • Problem Solving & Decision Making: Organizations benefit when employees are empowered to make decisions. Gain insights on multiple problem solving and critical thinking methods that help all levels of management make timely proactive decisions.
  • Customer Service: By identifying the most challenging situations for your organization, you can better understand what drives customer demands, calculate the value of a customer and provide service that builds ongoing relationships.

The College is committed to the success of northeast Iowa businesses. We understand that every organization, large or small, is unique; this is why we are the local leader in providing customized training and consulting services that are aligned with your needs. Ready to increase employee satisfaction, reduce employee turnover and improve the overall efficiency and productivity of your workforce? Get results. Call Today.

Customized Training for You

  • Career Development and Skill-Up
  • Leadership Academy
  • Computer Technology
  • Quality and Productivity Improvement
  • Health and Safety
  • Industrial Technology
  • Career Pathway Certificates


“The work we have done with Northeast Iowa Community College has definitely helped us develop our leaders into more confident and skilled coaches. They are learning to develop their staff and think strategically about the areas they manage. This has been a very valuable partnership and is yielding talented leaders for Dupaco.”

Tami Rechtenbach
Vice President, Member Experience
Dupaco Community Credit Union

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