Read, Study, Go to Class. What Else is There to Do?

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You could be a serious reader that absorbs every word of a book, journal or magazine, or the person who prefers to scan pages here and there, checking out highlights and photos. Whatever your commitment is to planning your future, take heart; as a student at Northeast Iowa Community College (NICC), you quickly discover that the college experience is more than just classrooms, books and labs!

The Sports Shooting team offers an exciting opportunity to compete against more than a dozen teams across Iowa. Student athletes enjoy the thrill of competition in one of the state’s fastest growing sports, whether they are experienced outdoorsmen and hunters, or have never shot before.

First-year athlete Manuel Guzman competed at the Cougar Invitational last fall, which was his first-ever competitive meet.

“I had a great time and a chance to really improve my shootings, by watching everyone and listening to tips of the other athletes and coaches,” explained Guzman, a 2017 graduate of the Automotive Technology program. “I think it’s awesome that a community college offers this competitive sport. I really didn’t expect to have the success I had as an athlete.”

Student life at NICC offers tremendous opportunities to get involved, develop your leadership skills, entertain your peers as a musician or artist and form lifelong friendships, expressed Brianna Kennedy, a 2017 Graphic Design graduate.

“I would advise any student looking to get involved in campus life at Northeast Iowa Community College to go for it. You need to get yourself out there, build a network of people and get to know others. iMPACT, the student leadership organization, really helps you to be a well-rounded person, and you start to know all aspects of leadership. I loved being involved,” Kennedy said.

Every spring, students at the College pack their bags and leave the familiarity of northeast Iowa to volunteer in major U.S. cities during the Service Learning trip. The experiences gained are often the most memorable. This year’s trip and its service opportunities were arranged by the organization Serve901, which partners college students with city-based organizations in need of volunteers. Volunteer needs brought students to Memphis, Tenn., this year to participate in neighborhood cleanup/beautification, construction projects, after-school programs for inner-city youths, urban farming and serving meals in
homeless shelters.

For Bridget Saxton, a student in the Dairy Science Technology program, the trip had special meaning: serving others and sharing her talents, time and energy were among the most powerful lessons
she learned.

“Helping people has always been something I love to do; seeing someone’s face light up because I’ve done something as simple as providing a meal always puts a big smile on my face – that’s why I do it,”
she said.

You don’t need to always have your nose in a book during your time on campus. Getting involved as a student greatly enriches your experience and creates memories that last a lifetime. Learn more about the college experience! Visit!

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