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Future Ready: Northeast Iowa Community College! 

Collaboration and teamwork, not statewide procrastination, will achieve the Future Ready Iowa objectives by 2025. Outlined and championed by Governor Kim Reynolds and former Governor Terry Branstad, the goal of Future Ready Iowa is for 70 percent

Five Reasons Businesses Choose Northeast Iowa Community College

“The most dramatic impact I have seen is the tailoring of education to match both the student and employer. Northeast Iowa Community College is an integral part in creating skill sets for both youth and adult learners.

You Can Train and Start a Great Career in Less Than a Year? Career Pathway Certificates!

If you want a career change and know you will need more education and training, but you don’t want to invest two or four years, the Career Pathway Certificate (CPC) is a great option that saves time.

Future Ready NICC

Northeast Iowa Community College established career pathways for many occupational fields, including advanced manufacturing, construction technology and healthcare. The benefit is that at each step, you can earn a credential and accumulate College credits to continue your

Be Future Ready. Healthcare Professionals Are in Demand!

Certified Nurse Aide (CNA) If your career goals focus on patient care, one of the best first steps is to become a Certified Nurse Aide (CNA) through Northeast Iowa Community College (NICC). Completing classes and clinical rotations

Advanced Manufacturing. Future Ready You.

Industrial Maintenance At first glance, a help wanted ad saying, “Industrial Maintenance Technician Needed,” may sound like an employer seeks job applicants to perform heavy duty custodial work in a factory setting. The official Occupation Outlook Handbook,

Unique Programs meet Specialized Employment Need

  Two programs at Northeast Iowa Community College (NICC) deliver on the Future Ready Iowa promise and are among the most unique career and technical offerings available in the state of Iowa – John Deere TECH and

Get Ahead at the Downtown Dubuque Center

You may not want to commute to campus three to four days a week to earn a college degree, or if you live and work in downtown Dubuque, you will love the option of taking classes and

Northeast Iowa Career Learning Link Benefits Students and Employers

The Northeast Iowa Career Learning Link (CLL) program offers numerous benefits for high school juniors and seniors and, at the same time, helps employers make authentic, local and grassroots connections with students in the community. Students such

Read, Study, Go to Class. What Else is There to Do?

  You could be a serious reader that absorbs every word of a book, journal or magazine, or the person who prefers to scan pages here and there, checking out highlights and photos. Whatever your commitment is

Student Crisis Fund Impacts Lives

The Future Ready Iowa initiative acknowledges that in 2018, seven out of 10 jobs in the state will require less than a bachelor’s degree. This is a major reason Northeast Iowa Community College (NICC) emphasizes to students

Be Future Ready!

A four-year college degree is not required for many of the most in-demand careers today, and earning a certificate, diploma or degree from Northeast Iowa Community College (NICC) is more affordable and relevant to employer needs in the