Industrial Maintenance Experts Ensure Smooth Operation

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NICC_industrialEmployers in northeast Iowa are eager to hire skilled Northeast Iowa Community College (NICC) Industrial Maintenance Technician graduates to assist with installing, maintaining, monitoring, repairing and troubleshooting a variety of equipment for industrial and manufacturing companies.

The students’ background and comprehensive industrial automation and control training are especially sought by employers, according to Michael Wilfer, Industrial Maintenance Technician instructor.

“Our graduates are employed by major companies including Hormel and John Deere as well as a number of smaller companies in our area. There are approximately 20 local employers interested in graduates of the program,” Wilfer said. “The program at Northeast Iowa Community College brings students from skilled labor to highly-skilled professionals.”

All of the students currently in the program are employed while enrolled, which allows for a seamless transition from student to full-time employee after graduation.

“To succeed in the Industrial Maintenance program, students must not be afraid to get their hands dirty or be afraid to make a mistake – that’s how we learn,” Wilfer explained. “I tell my students to keep their skills and their resumes updated. Technology and workforce needs are always changing; it’s critical that students stay current on industry changes, even if they are employed.”

Employment opportunities are excellent. Graduates will find their skills in demand in hospitals, schools, manufacturing, industrial/processing as well as on general building maintenance sites.

Visit to learn how you could earn an estimated annual income of $33,413 – $50,213 after completing the Industrial Maintenance Technician program!

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