Why We Chose Northeast Iowa Community College – Students and Graduates

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Liz Smith

“I am excited to be on campus. I’m loving school for the first time in my life. The instructors at Northeast Iowa Community College really care about students and want you to succeed.”

Associate of Arts student
Graduate, High School Equivalency Diploma (HSED) program


Miranda Reinhardt

“Attending Northeast Iowa Community College while in high school is an amazing opportunity because I am able to complete my pre-requisite courses for the nursing program – which is saving me money. The College is providing
me an opportunity to complete some of my nursing courses prior to continuing my education after I graduate from high school.”

High school senior transferring to College to complete Associate Degree Nursing


Austin Bechen

“I want to learn all the features of welding to take into the workforce. After graduation I want to go into a welding job and be prepared for any task. The College’s instructors also help find jobs for their students and graduates, and that makes a difference to me.”

Welding student 

pg4_Elliot Baltz

Elliot Baltz

“The Information Technology field is still new, and it’s always changing. The technology we are using and learning at the College helps students to be more efficient and to work faster. When I’m coding, I need equipment that can work as quickly as I come up with solutions.”

Computer Science student 

pg4_Elizabeth Goedken

Elizabeth Goedken

“I’ve always wanted to do something in the medical field to help people. Doing medical imaging and x-ray work is pretty cool; it’s amazing how much information is contained in a picture of the human body. Everything we are learning at NICC has applied to my work and procedures in the clinical setting.”

Radiologic Technology student 

pg4_Dustin Kerns

Dustin Kerns

“Learning from my instructors in the Automotive Technology program is great. I’m so glad I came to Northeast Iowa Community College. One of the best things about the program is that the College gives students so much shop time; it’s not just time spent in
the classroom.”

Automotive Technology student

pg5_Steve Bush

Steve Bush
“One of the best qualities of Northeast Iowa Community College’s Medical Assistant program is the hands-on approach. We did injections, blood draws, electrocardiograms (EKGs) and tuberculosis tests. After I graduated from NICC, I applied for medical assistant positions at four places, and they all offered me a job.”

Medical Assistant, ‘15

pg5_Brady Goetz

Brady Goetz

“Iowa’s Dairy Center at Northeast Iowa Community College provides a great learning opportunity. Receiving hands-on experience with the animals is tenfold the training students would receive in a classroom – this isn’t just learning from books. I have always had the dream of becoming a veterinarian, and as a student I had every opportunity to succeed; the faculty are incredible.” 

Dairy Science

Undergraduate, Iowa State University

pg5_Paulo Da Silva

Paulo Da Silva

“The Construction Equipment Operator career pathway certificate is a great program. You combine what you learn in class with hands-on training. Northeast Iowa Community College provided me with an excellent foundation.
I love my job. Everyday I do something new.”

Construction Equipment Operator, ‘16


Tonna Winfrey

“Northeast Iowa Community College’s program really prepared me for my career, and I loved my instructors and their approach to teaching. As students we could give input in class and it was incorporated; they don’t teach from a script. By completing this program, I created a better future for my kids. I want them to see you need to further your education.”

Phlebotomy Technician, ‘16


Alex Marti

“It means so much to have completed my Associate of Arts from Northeast Iowa Community College while in high school. I have a great head start, and I’m not as worried about college debt.”

Associate of Arts, ‘16
Undergraduate, University of Iowa



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