Build a Career in Construction

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NICC_constructionYour “Do-It-Yourself” talents and passion could be valuable skills to fine-tune for a career.

Maybe your interests sparked in high school or, later on, you found enjoyment building things and fixing something yourself instead of making an expensive service call. Loving what you do for a living drives the best of our career motivations and aspirations. Even if you regard yourself as a novice with plenty of interest, consider Northeast Iowa Community College’s (NICC) Construction Trades or CDL career pathway certificate programs to take the next step!

NICC_future_ready2In these programs, students of all ages and ability develop their core construction skills, then specialize  in building construction, equipment operation or Commercial Driver’s License and receive a credential that demonstrates their
work-ready skills.

Two program pathways, or tracks, require 34 hours of core construction skills training to bring you up to speed on Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations, basic skills such as blueprint reading and math, and site layout and prep work. Once you complete the core, you may train for a Building Construction certificate or Construction Equipment Operator certificate. Hands-on, learning-by-doing labs train you for your in-demand career.

Building Construction Lab

Learn rough framing skills with both wood and steel studs as part of this 46-hour lab as well as techniques and tricks to master the craft of hanging, mudding and taping drywall. Additional trainings cover suspended ceiling installation and window, door, floor and ceiling trim. You will receive entry-level training in HVAC, electrical and plumbing, as well as an introduction to geothermal and solar green energy principles.

Basic Equipment Operator Lab

Get the training and certification employers are looking for in job applications, such as experience with inspections of powertrains, hydraulic and electrical systems and safety procedures. You receive instruction on how to properly secure heavy loads and learn safe containment practices. Twelve hours of training built into the 40-hour lab focuses on using forklifts, skid steers, mini-excavator and basic trench operations.

Class A CDL Certificate

All students are encouraged to complete this training to earn their Commercial Driver’s License (CDL). Remember, CDL operators are not only
in-demand as over-the-road, cross-country truck drivers. Many excavation, building and road construction firms need licensed, trained drivers to complete jobs and expand their business operations. Training includes 80 combined hours in face-to-face lecture, online and behind-the-wheel testing.

As the weather begins to warm up, so will new home, building and road construction and sales. Make the construction trades the focus of your career path!

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