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What is the Best In-Demand Career for You? Take the Quiz!

Employers in northeast Iowa are desperate to fill skilled positions to grow their workforce, increase productivity, close a skills gap and expand. These are in-demand positions, but which one is the best fit for you? Take the

Be In Demand

You have probably heard about careers that are “in-demand.” But what does “in-demand” really mean, and why should it matter to you? In-demand careers are found in nearly every employment area. Shortages of skilled employees drive hiring

Why We Chose Northeast Iowa Community College – Students and Graduates

Liz Smith “I am excited to be on campus. I’m loving school for the first time in my life. The instructors at Northeast Iowa Community College really care about students and want you to succeed.” Associate of

Want Options in a Career? Think Healthcare!

Health Information Technology For those who strive for a well-paying job, flexible work environment and job security, health information might be the perfect field for you! Registered Health Information Technologists (RHITs) specialize in coding medical diagnoses and

Agriculture Career Training at Northeast Iowa Community College

Agriculture programs are among the top reasons hundreds of students enroll at Northeast Iowa Community College (NICC) each year. Whether it is the College’s award-winning faculty, state-of-the-art facilities and robotic technology, or the opportunity to gain real-world

IT Careers Abound!

Although the answer can only be approximated and depends upon how we define a computer, recent estimates show that 2,405,518,376 people on Earth use the internet (that’s 2.4 billion people – 34.3 percent of the world’s population!).

Engineering Technology: Blending Creative Thinking and Versatility

While exploring solutions to complex problems, people in engineering technology careers use a variety of tools and technologies in new ways. This field rewards both adaptability to changing technology and the ability to think creatively. The Engineering

Industrial Maintenance Experts Ensure Smooth Operation

Employers in northeast Iowa are eager to hire skilled Northeast Iowa Community College (NICC) Industrial Maintenance Technician graduates to assist with installing, maintaining, monitoring, repairing and troubleshooting a variety of equipment for industrial and manufacturing companies. The

Build a Career in Construction

Your “Do-It-Yourself” talents and passion could be valuable skills to fine-tune for a career. Maybe your interests sparked in high school or, later on, you found enjoyment building things and fixing something yourself instead of making an

Profile: Paulo Da Silva, a lifelong learner

Paulo Da Silva’s career is one that embraces lifelong learning. A native of Sao Paulo, Brazil, Mr. Da Silva, who grew up in Clinton, Iowa, served as an Americorps volunteer, commercial truck driver, a teacher’s aide and

Supporting NICC is an Investment in Your Community

Giving to Northeast Iowa Community College (NICC) can offer distinct advantages over contributing to global or national causes, however truly important or near-and-dear the causes may be. The key difference is local; community members in northeast Iowa

NICC Guide to Careers: Be in Demand

A four-year college degree is not required for many of the most in-demand careers today, and earning a certificate, diploma or degree from Northeast Iowa Community College (NICC) is more affordable and relevant to employer needs in