Profile: Mike Myers

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NICC_Mike_MeyersNICC is a Vital Healthcare Education Resource

Mike Myers has served as the chief executive officer of Veterans Memorial Hospital in Waukon for 17 years, has worked in healthcare administration since 1990 and understands Northeast Iowa Community College’s (NICC) commitment to healthcare education and training.

“Without Northeast Iowa Community College, our area would really suffer because so many of our region’s employees are graduates of programs at the College, especially in healthcare. We rely heavily on NICC graduates from the Nursing, Emergency Medical Technician, Health Information Technology, Coding and other programs,” Myers expressed.

The healthcare industry offers one of the earliest models of career pathway education, where students can stack and lattice credentials to continue on their career pathway, stopping out for employment at various steps in their education. NICC career pathway certificate programs are often a student’s first step into a successful healthcare career and continued education in nursing, according to Myers.

“The healthcare training offered at NICC is critical, such as in the Certified Nurse Aide (CNA) program. CNAs are especially needed in a variety of settings, and the success model at the College shows students that they can do these jobs and helps them be successful in healthcare education,” Myers said. “After earning a certificate, graduates may see themselves getting into a nursing program. There is going to be a huge employment need as our nursing workforce begins to retire, too. We need to address those gaps that are coming in the next decade.”

Veterans Memorial Hospital has employed NICC healthcare program graduates for decades, and the hospital currently employs approximately 35 NICC graduates.

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