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NICC_Karen_JonesPrudential Invests in Employees through NICC

Training programs for Prudential employees through Northeast Iowa Community College (NICC) Business and Community Solutions provide a solid return on investment for several major reasons, says Karen Jones, the director of Customer Service for Prudential Retirement.

The NICC Town Clock Business Center in Dubuque is Prudential’s neighbor, and many of the training services the company needs for its employees are convenient, local and affordable. Another reason for this great match is the customized approach organizations receive from Business and Community Solutions professionals who design and deliver training programs.

“I think one of the best things about NICC training programs is the customization to what specific training an employer needs for its employees. The College is so employer-friendly and has a lot of expertise to fit our company’s needs,” Jones explained, who is a 17-year veteran employee on Prudential’s management team.

Jones was also an influential voice on the VETalent program’s selection of the College for its employee customer service training, an eight-week course which was developed for U.S. military veterans by Workforce Opportunities Services (WOS), Prudential Retirement and Northeast Iowa Community College.

“Approximately 31 of our customer service center employees have completed the VETalent program. Prudential has a long history of supporting veterans and veterans’ initiatives,” Jones said.

Prudential supports continuing education and professional development programs for its employees, at all levels of the organization.

“We routinely send our associates to training opportunities offered by Northeast Iowa Community College Business and Community Solutions. We’ve participated in the College’s Leadership Institute program and many half-day trainings,” she said. “I personally participated in the first tier of the Leadership Institute program.”

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