Are You a Northeast Iowa Community College Graduate?

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NICC_connectWe Want to Connect with You.

Northeast Iowa Community College (NICC) continues to build strong relationships with its alumni, whether they live and work in the Midwest or developed their careers across the country.

Through connecting, networking and sharing their success stories, the alumni base continues to grow; there are now more than 23,751 alumni since the College was founded in 1966.

NICC alumni credit their alma mater with building the foundation for their future academic and career success and for creating lifelong memories. Our graduates have progressed after their formative College years to achieve remarkable success as doctors, dentists, educators, owners of businesses large and small, leaders in the community and countless other professional roles.

Let’s connect! The strength of a community is built upon a foundation of networking and shared success.

Many graduates express gratitude for the influence NICC instructors have had on their success, the mentors and friends on campus who offered personal guidance, and once in a while, for helping along a real love story.

Julia Holdridge, a 1995 NICC Associate of Arts graduate who is now the director of human resources for Sedgwick in Dubuque, continued to develop her interpersonal, organizational, communication and leadership talents after graduation. She also met her future husband during her time at NICC – Shane Holdridge, currently employed by the College as the Business and Community Solutions operations coordinator at the Town Clock Business Center in Dubuque.

“At Northeast Iowa Community College, the friends that I made there are still friends now. I married one of them. An NICC friend was Shane’s best man at our wedding, and we still have strong relationships with people there,” Holdridge recalled with fondness. “I had a very positive experience at NICC.”

If you are a graduate of NICC, or have a story of professional and personal success you would like to share, contact us. We are always looking to connect with our alumni and share memories.

To update your alumni profile and learn more about upcoming alumni events, visit Graduates and employers are also welcome to view employment opportunities throughout northeast Iowa by visiting

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