Build Your Experience in Construction Management and Carpentry

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NICC_constructionA generation ago, finding a great job as a carpenter could be as easy as scanning newspaper help wanted ads where the biggest requirement for applicants stated, “Must have own tools.”

In today’s competitive job market, however, merely having a hammer, tool belt, circular saw and the best cordless drill on the market isn’t enough. Employers are hiring job seekers who not only have the best tools and know-how, but also possess strong problem-solving skills, imagination and creativity, the ability to work on a team and other core skills, such as customer service and communication.

Teamwork and leadership skills that you develop in the Construction Business Management and Carpentry programs at Northeast Iowa Community College (NICC) influence your future success, said Rahkee Norman, a 2012 Carpentry graduate. Norman learned to be a leader, to follow the guidance and leadership of others, and to accept positions that require greater responsibility.

“Terry Burds (Carpentry instructor) is a big part of how I see things differently. He gives you the guidance you need in the program, and he’s very respected,” Norman recalled. “I learned to display those same leadership skills as a member of a crew.”

After graduating from the NICC program in 2012, Norman transferred his credits to the University of Dubuque to begin a bachelor’s degree in business management.

As a student in the Construction Business Management diploma program, you receive classroom training that covers the management and supervisory responsibilities of construction work, including coursework in construction, accounting, business and marketing. After graduation, you qualify for entry-level positions in the field as a manager, supervisor or foreman.

Carpentry students receive excellent educational and technical preparation while building a residence, from blueprint to interior finishing, in the local community. Certificate programs integrated into the curriculum offer hands-on opportunities to enhance your skills and specialize in one or more areas, including cabinet making, finishing skills, floor and framing and foundation.

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