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Iowa’s Community Colleges Turn 50!

The State of Iowa’s comprehensive community college system originated in its earliest form at the end of World War I. In 1918, the Iowa legislature established the first junior college in Mason City when fewer than 40

Hot Iowa Jobs: Fast Payback for Your Education

The perception that attending a four-year college or university will lead to greater job security and pay, increased social mobility and financial prosperity is a deeply entrenched belief in American culture. Unfortunately, this perception does not match

Do you Have a Plan?

Career Learning Link can Help! As college and career options become the hot topics of discussion for high school juniors and seniors, Northeast Iowa Community College (NICC) and its community partners put forth a question for young

Enjoy Problem Solving?

Try Mechanical Engineering Technology! Even a rebounding economy can create new challenges for local employers. As productivity increases to meet rising market demand, manufacturing employers in northeast Iowa are scrambling to find qualified mechanical engineering technicians. These

Meet Our New Instructor, “Baxter”

The newest instructor at Northeast Iowa Community College’s (NICC) Peosta campus is attracting lots of interest. He has two long metal arms coated in red with black joints, weighs 165 pounds, contains three built-in cameras and can

Business and Community Solutions is Building Your Workforce – From Within!

Are there “champions” in your company or organization? These are the leaders on the front line in customer service, the project managers whose teams meet challenges and exceed expectations, and the employees that everyone relies on. These

Profile: Karen Jones

Prudential Invests in Employees through NICC Training programs for Prudential employees through Northeast Iowa Community College (NICC) Business and Community Solutions provide a solid return on investment for several major reasons, says Karen Jones, the director of

Build Your Experience in Construction Management and Carpentry

A generation ago, finding a great job as a carpenter could be as easy as scanning newspaper help wanted ads where the biggest requirement for applicants stated, “Must have own tools.” In today’s competitive job market, however, merely

Are You a Northeast Iowa Community College Graduate?

We Want to Connect with You. Northeast Iowa Community College (NICC) continues to build strong relationships with its alumni, whether they live and work in the Midwest or developed their careers across the country. Through connecting, networking

Stay on the Leading Edge with the Dairy Science Technology Program

The introduction of robotic milking systems, improvements to automated feed and ration mixer technology, and advanced sensors that monitor a dairy cow’s temperature, weight, diet and other vital signs has revolutionized the dairy farming industry. These new

Stay Local, Where Your Skills are Needed.

Become a Large Animal Veterinary Technician! The dairy, beef and swine industries are big business in Iowa. In 2014, these large animal livestock accounted for a combined $1.83 billion in exports for the state, according to the

Compassion Required

Explore a Career in Health Medical Assistant Join our Medical Assistant program for an exciting career in healthcare. The Medical Assistant program at the Northeast Iowa Community College (NICC) Peosta campus may be the perfect fit for