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Every year more than 7,000 students enroll at Northeast Iowa Community College (NICC), completing courses at campuses in Calmar and Peosta, centers in Cresco, Dubuque, Manchester and Oelwein, online or at their high schools.

Our students grasp the reality of their educational pursuits. Their experiences won’t include cheering on the college football team to victory in a packed stadium. They do not always live on, or even close to a campus or center, yet they understand that the much-popularized college dorm experience is overrated.

NICC students get it. They have clear responsibilities and priorities. Simply put, NICC students enroll with big plans in mind, and they mean business.

Our students know that earning an Associate of Arts, Associate of Science, or Associate of Applied Science degree will enable them to transfer their credits to a four-year college or university saving them thousands of dollars in tuition and allowing them to live and work close to home. Through academic advisors, enrollment specialists and career coaches, NICC provides one-on-one attention for every student to be successful and make attending the four-year school of their dreams a reality.

pg.5_MG_7132Katie Plozel, a 2013 Pre-Veterinary Medicine program graduate, attended NICC to build upon her experiences in agriculture and transferred her credits to Iowa State University to pursue a career as a licensed veterinarian.

“My family’s farm gave me life experience, and my degree from Northeast Iowa Community College provided me with the knowledge and hands-on experience to stay on my education path,” Plozel said. “I’m now attending the Iowa State University Veterinary Medicine program. NICC played a big role in helping to reach my goal of becoming a veterinarian.”

By getting involved at NICC, students also have access to sports, cultural experiences and service activities. Student-led groups offer opportunities to participate in activities on campus, take part in service learning trips around the U.S. and experience art and cultural events. You can also compete in intramural team sports against other colleges.

Start your academic career with  a two-year degree at NICC and then transfer your credits to a four-year college or university.

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