Good Economy! Great Time to Invest in Your Career

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NICC_good_economyThe U.S. economy is strengthening, job openings are at a 15-year high nationwide, wages are growing and Iowa’s unemployment rate is the tenth lowest in the nation.  Sounds pretty good, right?  Well, yes and no. While there are many jobs available, people looking for work often do not possess the skills required for success in today’s workplace. Many employers are in need of workers with middle-skills – those that require more than a high school education, but less than a four-year degree.

This is where Northeast Iowa Community College (NICC) will make a difference in your career success. You may not need four years in college to realize your dreams. NICC offers short-term career pathway certificates, one-year diplomas and two-year associate degrees that prepare you for employment, and in many cases, a higher paying job than four-year degree earners!

If you are finishing high school this year, unsure about your next step in life, or envision opportunities for advancement in your current job, consider attending NICC to continue your education.

Our goal at NICC is to help you become college and career ready. We’re here to help, and remember to ask questions! For more information, visit

Visit with center directors, academic advisors and counselors to assist you! The College offers many services and resources for you, at no cost, including:

Academic preparation services. Whether you just graduated from high school or recently earned a high school equivalency diploma through NICC, we want to make you confident in your skills and abilities, including essay writing, algebra and how to use computers in your classes. NICC also offers adult education and literacy services to help you enhance or brush up on your skills.

Goal setting. Because you are more likely to succeed and complete the educational program you choose if it matches your career objectives, NICC Career Services staff and advisors will discuss career options with you. The College encourages you to participate in a business tour or shadow a certain industry or job. Career fairs at NICC also provide information about what employers are looking for in prospective employees and the skills required for many different fields.

Overcoming barriers you have. As an NICC student, you may have childcare, transportation, employment, time and family commitments that conflict with your studies. NICC faculty, success coaches and advisors can help you navigate challenging life circumstances and connect you to the resources you need to succeed in your program of study.

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