Student Profile: Tony Schilling

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Degree After Five: The Perfect Fit

As a professional sales and product consultant for Unison Solutions in Dubuque, Tony Schilling is one busy guy.

During the year, he travels occasionally to represent Unison at trade shows and networking events for clients across the United States. Schilling’s travel schedule would make a traditional degree program at Northeast Iowa Community College (NICC) nearly impossible to complete, which is why Degree After Five makes perfect sense.

“I’m an advocate for Degree After Five because it’s affordable and flexible. I can take a five-week course and take a month off because of my travel schedule. The shorter courses let students see the light at the end of the tunnel, and I definitely like the accelerated approach,” Schilling explained.

Schilling, who is also a 2004 graduate of the CAD Specialist program at NICC, has completed approximately one-half of the credits he needs to finish an Associate of Arts degree through Degree After Five.

“I completed a history course for my humanities requirements in September, I’m taking October off and then will start again from November to December. The hybrid classes are great because you still have dialogue with other students and the instructor online, and you can work ahead, too,” he said.

Adult learners bring enthusiasm to their college experience, whether online or on campus. “We are coming back to college because we want to, so we put in the extra effort. I don’t mind lectures. Three hours seems like it flies right by,” Schilling said.

The Degree After Five program flexes with Tony Schilling’s professional responsibilities for Unison Solutions, and he’s still free to travel the country. To learn more about how this program can work for you, visit

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