Staff Profile: Gena Gesing

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Providing High School Students with Direction 

As Northeast Iowa Community College’s (NICC) Director of Career and Intermediary Programs, Gena Gesing connects students, educators and businesses in the unifying purpose – to develop local, rewarding career exploration opportunities for students.

The goal of the career experiences provided by the Career Learning Link is to assist students in making decisions about future education and careers. By having these experiences during high school, students can potentially save time and money by already knowing their field of interest when entering postsecondary education.

Other great options students should consider are certificate programs or entering directly into the workforce with the option to further their educations in the future.

“I really enjoy helping students find career direction and seeing that they have a purpose for their career goals,” she said. “Many of our area’s high schools want to provide career experiences that connect their students to businesses, yet they don’t have the resources. The Northeast Iowa Career Learning Link and our staff at NICC is that resource.”

The Northeast Iowa Career Learning Link will offer business/industry tours, classroom speakers, job shadows, professional development on careers for educators, internships and other activities that integrate career experiences into students’ high school experience.

“I’m excited about helping students make connections to business and industry, so that they can explore new careers in our area,” Gesing said.

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