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Dig In!  This Gas Utility Career is for You

Beneath the continental United States, the largest estimated reserve of natural gas in the world resides between shale and rock formations. This petroleum-based fuel is less expensive to extract than oil, is safer for the environment than

Students Finishing What They Start: NICC Efforts Getting Results

New initiatives and efforts by Northeast Iowa Community College (NICC) faculty and staff members that engage students, along with a customized approach that focuses on students’ individual career pathways and needs, are contributing to higher enrollment and

Graduate Profile – Dan Sisler Gas Utility Graduate’s Skills are in Demand

Dan Sisler’s career is taking off in less than a year after he graduated from the Gas Utility Construction and Service program at Northeast Iowa Community College (NICC). The May 2013 graduate is employed at Infrasource in

A Laboratory Science Career is Waiting for You

Have you memorized every atomic weight on the Periodic Table of Elements? Congratulations, you are a Nobel Prize contender! Breathe easy, you don’t have to be a prize-winning chemist to succeed in the Laboratory Science Technician program

Student Profile – Tandy Perkins Program Creates Opportunity for Dislocated Worker

After a job loss, Tandy Perkins was determined to enroll at Northeast Iowa Community College (NICC) and begin a different career that offered a more solid future. The Laboratory Science Technician program at the Calmar campus immediately

Learn. Grow. Advance…with Business and Community Solutions!

To keep your résumé fresh and advance in your career, take advantage of the many Northeast Iowa Community College (NICC) Business and Community Solutions classes we offer to learn, grow and advance. NICC continues to offer its

Busy Life? Get Your Degree After Five

Does life keep getting in the way of the college degree you always wanted to earn? You have a full-time job, kids and responsibilities, and most college options are either far away, completely online or are designed

Invest in Your Education – Without the Debt

College students should have the opportunity to invest in their education without being burdened by a mountain of debt after graduation. Northeast Iowa Community College (NICC) understands the financial obstacles of earning an education and offers an

Take a Deep Breath… Let Me Listen

Readers are divided over which writer – Bessie Anderson Stanley or Ralph Waldo Emerson – penned the famous poem, “Success.” Authorship aside, the closing verse of the work speaks to a universal truth about life, caring for

Student Profile – Barb Heitzman Degree After Five is the Perfect Fit

Word of mouth from co-workers drew Dyersville resident Barb Heitzman to the new Degree After Five program at Northeast Iowa Community College (NICC), and now the busy professional is working to complete an Associate of Arts-Business Administration

Paying it Forward: The Good in Giving Back

It just feels good to give! Whether your donation is financial, a contribution of time, or volunteer work for a worthy cause, giving to others is its own reward. Giving to Northeast Iowa Community College (NICC) inspires

Thinking Green and Sustainable: NICC Initiatives Preserve Our Environment

Northeast Iowa has progressed greatly in its embrace of best practices that safeguard our natural world’s beauty, resources, wildlife and environment. Decades ago, the simple act of recycling in communities seemed novel; now this environmental practice is